Accounting and Bookkeeping services for non-profit organizations

Save time and money with our virtual accounting and bookkeeping services custom-made for non-profit organizations. 

Specialized accounting & Bookkeeping services

Select a service below to learn more about how we can help your organization grow and succeed.


Comprehensive accounting services to help your organization prepare for growth.


Accurate transaction management for your organization. Stay informed and compliant.

Catch-up Services

We help update your books if you have fallen behind. Get back on track toward growth.

Financial Reporting

Accurate and informative financial statements that help you make informed business decisions.

Accountant meeting with clients

valuable insights for complex organizations

An accountant can provide your organization with valuable insights on how to grow and scale. Our team interprets your financial health and helps you navigate complex tax situations in advance.

Make sure your organization can continue to make a difference by ensuring strong financial health.

Accurate transaction management and bookkeeping

Our team of bookkeepers specializes in managing transactions for non-profit organizations. Apart from being cheaper than hiring an in-house bookkeeper, we can help you save time on bookkeeping. Spend time focusing on what made you decide to create an organization in the first place. 

We understand how overwhelming it can be to manage the countless transactions and financial activity that occurs in an organization every day. Let us take that burden off your team’s shoulders.

We have found that organizations spend an average of 35 hours per month managing their transactions and maintaining their books. We help you save time by managing it for you.

The national average cost for an in-house bookkeeper is $4,000/month. We can help you save at least 50% on the cost of bookkeeping while getting a dedicated team with years of experience. 

We can be more efficient and provide better quality bookkeeping by offering our services online. We are able to manage your books and provide you with accurate financial reports, all from your computer. Access your organization’s financial health in minutes online.

Get back on track and prepare for growth

Fallen behind on your books? 

Managing a growing organization and maintaining accurate books at the same time can be overwhelming, so you chose to sacrifice bookkeeping instead of growth. Don’t worry, we would do the same. But now you have realized that you need to have accurate books to stay compliant and continue growing. That’s where we come in.

We can help catch you up to today with our catch-up service. We can organize your books dating back to 3 years ago and get you back on track to growing your organization with accurate financial information. 

Informed business decisions with accurate financial reporting

Stay informed and make confident business decisions with monthly financial reporting. Get all of the statements your organization needs to grow and thrive. 

Our monthly reporting includes:

financial reporting for non-profit organizations

your cause, our support

We truly value our client’s causes and fully support you on the back end to make sure that you can make the impact that your organization set out to make.